The "MIDI for Choir" is written for Windows. So far it has been tested with Windows 95, NT and 2000.

Download the program version

MIDIforChoir.exe 260 KB
Download text file description (right click + Save as) MIDIforChoir.txt 2 KB
Download MIDI file: Audite, Silete (right click + Save as) AuditeSilete.mid 3 KB
Download all three files zipped 116 KB

There is no installation procedure for "MIDI for Choir". The executabel file is selfcontained and can be placed on the desktop or in any folder.

You may redistribute this software by any means providing it is not sold for profit without the authors written consent. No warrantee of any kind, expressed or implied, is included with this software; use it at your own risk, responsibility for damages (if any) to anyone resulting from the use of this software rests entirely with the user.

So far the program is designed for format 0 MIDI files with four voices: Soprano, Alt, Tenor, and Bass. The program will play MIDI files with more voices but only the volume of the four first can be controlled.

The volume can be controlled individually for each voice using the horisontal sliders. The tempo is controlled by the vertical slider at the right side of the dialog.

With the left key you first select the MIDI file containing the music you want to rehearse. The four keys in the middle are: Rewind, Play, Pause/Resume, and Stop.

Updated 19. marts 2003