Welcome to "MIDI for Choir"

I am a choir singer and needed an easy way to rehearse at home. As my computer has a sound card it would be able to play music from MIDI files but the programs delivered with Windows did not fulfil my requirements. As a tool for rehearsal it should support a progressive learning:

  1. In the first phase it should be possible to hear my own part in a slow tempo.
  2. Later on it should be possible to increase the tempo and it should be possible to hear the other parts as well.
  3. At last it should be possible to mute my own part and to hear the others voices in the final tempo.

Complex and expensive MIDI authoring programs can do this. However, I wanted a simple MIDI player with these extra features affordable for all choir members. Therefore I made the program "MIDI for Choir" that you can download and use for free!

Happy rehearsal!

Comments, suggestions for other features, and even bug reports :o) are welcome. Just send me a message.

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Updated 22. april 2003